Where nature comes to life, ideas take flight and sport unites

Swerve is an ecosystem that cares about its impact on the environment. If fashion and sport are positive change factors in the world, we also think about our impact on nature.

That’s why we have established a unique partnership with AlUla, an eco-friendly hospitality environment that respect the fabulous natural heritage. All of our activities, including our on-site transportation, minimize the impact on the environment and promote responsible tourism.

AlUla is a place of spectacular natural beauty, with varied habitats that once thrived with life, co-existing with our early ancestors. We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of AlUla’s landscapes and to re-establishing the rich diversity of plant-life and wild- life that once flourished here.

The beautiful canyon area of Sharaan has been designated a Nature Reserve, setting a new standard in the region for re-balancing fragile ecosystems and reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to protecting the earth’s natural environment.