A journey of creativity, growth, and connection through heritage, sports and fashion. Unlock your potential and get your swerve on.


Swerve is a sports and fashion festival based in ALULA, a UNESCO protected natural reserve with an ancient heritage of 600,000 years. This oasis valley serves as a basis of wide ranging activities that involve sports, lectures, wellness activities, and more.


We bring together people in the sports and fashion industry who are passionate and high-achieving in their respective fields, to share their thoughts, passion and experiences while being active in sports and immersed in boundless nature. By doing so, we create a space for inspiration, collaboration, and the birth of new dreams that will go on to positively impact the wider community.


Our audience is not defined by age or gender but by its mindset. In the post-pandemic world, we demand purposeful and awakening experiences that allow us to develop ourselves and connect with others, while giving back to the nature that we surround ourselves in.


Our speakers are successful intellectuals in the sports and fashion industry who align with Swerve’s brand values and purpose. They are thought-leaders who will share their insights, mindset, and know-how to lead the conversation on the relevance of fashion and sports in today’s world.